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Dairy without Borders

The Danish NGO Dairy without Borders focus on establishing and supporting minor local projects within the milk and dairy sector in selected developing countries.

Behind the initiative and establishment of Dairy without Borders (DwB), founded in 2015, there are three Danish professional organizations: The Danish Dairy Managers Association, The Danish Dairy Technology Association and The Danish Society of Dairy Technology.

The projects focus on:

  • Transferring skills, knowledge and/or training in the milk and dairy sector.
  • Creating economically and environmentally sustainable projects that contribute to lift small local communities to a higher level in terms of use, processing, storage and possible sales of their dairy products.
  • Supporting an organizational approach to the projects with the aim of securing knowledge sharing and long-term management, inspired by the Danish cooperative tradition.
  • Involving women in the projects is a prevalent focus where relevant.
  • The projects do not have any commercial character.

  • More information?
    For further information, please contact Programme Coordinator Isabel Sande Frandsen ([email protected])